AC Milan vs Shkendija, 8 important statistics

AC Milan win and secure a place in the group stage. Here are the most interesting stats and facts from the six-goal win of the rossoneri.

The spectacular 6-0 victory against KF Shkendija at San Siro will remain a historical evening. A big win but it was not the first time the rossoneri won with such a goal difference. The final score, the braces, and the overall squad performance: we didn’t miss out on anything in terms of stats related to the first leg of the Europa League Playoffs. So let’s get to the heart of Thursday night’s game, through these 8 curiosities.

  • 6 Goals scored by AC Milan against Shkendija. Last time the rossoneri won 6-0 in a European competition was 24 years ago (read here).
  • The Portuguese new striker, Andre Silva scored the first goal after his third touch of the ball.
  • 1222 days have passed since former captain Montolivo scored his last goal. The brace against Shkendija was his first ever with the rossoneri jersey.
  • The last player to score a brace with the rossoneri in a European Competition was Kevin Prince Boateng in AC Milan vs PSV of 2013.
  • Franck Kessie completed 104 passes during the match, more than any other Milan player.
  • 204 days have passed since Luca Antonelli‘s last appearance in the starting eleven. The last match he played was on January against Juventus. 
  • 40.613 tickets were sold for the first playoff match in San Siro. 
  • The club earned 1.146.438 euros from the tickets sold, a very big number considering the name of the opponent.


Andre Silva & Montolivo, AC Milan News
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