AC Milan’s reply to Shkendija’s hilarious video

AC Milan face tomorrow Shkendija in the first Europa League playoff match. The rossoneri replied to Shkendija’s funny video yesterday with a different type of video.

One day ago, AC Milan’s next opponent in Europa League made a hilarious video, a sort of funny and ironic challenge for the rossoneri, comparing the totally different realities of both cities and teams. (read here). It quickly turned into a web sensation. A good spirited video to light up the mood before the decisive first match in San Siro. The Macedonian team representing ethnic Albanians have arrived today in Milan.

KF Shkendija’s manager and captain payed a special visit to AC Milan who welcomed them in Mondo Milan Museum demonstrating the other red and black some of rossoneri’s most glorious titles and legendary players to have graced San Siro.