Expectations and new year’s resolutions for AC Milan’s 2018

2017 was a difficult year for the Rossoneri one in which AC Milan changed ownership and achieved disappointing results on the pitch. It’s time to review expectations and goals for our 2018.


Everything that happened between April and the end of the year has helped increase the wealth of experience of the Red and Blacks’ management. But most of all, it’s been the drive towards the upcoming commitments, starting from the positive feelings that are starting to arise on the refinancing topic. Football can be generous but elusive too and not always rational. AC Milan want to keep working with enthusiasm and ductility as shown from the club’s willingness to touch on on all topics, even the most sensible ones, such as the refinancing of the debt – which there’s no reason to rush for – and the settlement agreement next spring. Never through taking a step back in making the club even stronger, as shown by the offer made to Ricardo Kaká, possible future member of the management after his great achievements on the pitch.


Creating a new group and having all the components effectively working together is something never to take for granted. You need time to make this happen, through difficult periods, facing the media spotlight with their negative verdicts and the criticism coming from the fans. But important players and real men as the Rossoneri are, having experienced all this, must prove it wasn’t all for nothing. In the games against Inter and Fiorentina we took two steps forward, but for the great comeback, more effort is needed.


The sixty thousand fans in the match against Craiova on 3rd August showed the great enthusiasm, pride and the positive feelings following the summer transfer market campaign. The same stadium that has criticised – always for the love of AC Milan – some of the players, and the team as a whole over the season. This is San Siro, true passion, with a rightly testing crowd. Winning the crowd of San Siro in 2018 could be even better.


AC Milan have a busy schedule ahead, after the first match of 2018 against Crotone and the break in mid-January. Lots of domestic matches and the two games against the Bulgarian side Ludogrets in the Europa League Round of 32. These are the next steps of the Rossoneri‘s campaigns that need to be faced on the pitch and focusing on one game at the time. Never sit back and never lose heart after a defeat. A recognisable ‘soul’ on the pitch and consistency, this is the true objective for the first months of the new year.

5- DEAR 2018…

Well, we had to go through a lot in the last months of 2017, before the win in the derby through Patrick Cutrone’s goal and the draw in Florence we took home thanks to the great character shown by the team and Hakan Calhanoglu’s equaliser. But football is always changing. Both winning and losing cycles can last a lot, but everything starts and comes to an end. We ask 2018 more nights like the one in the Coppa Italia derby. We hope this 2018 can become a year for great opportunities, maybe like in 1998, another year ending in an 8, when the Red and Blacks went from a twelfth place to lay the foundations for the Scudetto title they went on to win the following season. Because this is football and 2018 knows it too.

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