Why Jose Sosa’s sale is good business for everyone involved?

Jose Sosa is now officially a Trabzonspor player. The Argentine midfielder leaves AC Milan after only one season and returns in Turkey.

Certainly, on August 31, AC Milan’s mercato was not finished, as there were some outstanding questions to be solved, which were still quite tedious and difficult to resolve in previous weeks.

The rossoneri’s summer transfer window can be declared officially ended yesterday, when Trabzonspor, the Turkish club, formalized the signing of Jose Ernesto Sosa coming from Milan. An inevitable departure, as the former Argentine ex Napoli was no longer part of Vincenzo Montella’s team despite his initial will to remain and play their cards again.

Today La Gazzetta dello Sport has revealed the exact figures of the deal that led Sosa yesterday to officially sign his new contract with Trabzonspor. The 32 year old midfielder will receive a net salary of 5 million euros for three years, while AC Milan in addition to collecting almost 6 million euros for the player’s card, also gets to spare a salary of 3 million euros, that would have weighted on the already high wage budget.

A deal that satisfies everyone, first of all the Trabzonspor who had focused everything on Jose Sosa, welcomed in the past day as a hero from the parts of Trebisonda (see here) due to the fact that the Argentine left a grreat impression in the Turkish championship after two sessions at Besiktas. Positive for Sosa himself, who, in addition to earning a “monstrous” salary, will return to be a first minute starter while at Milanello he would have had very little space also seen the wide competition in midfield. And of course it is good business for Milan, a club that, after spending big for the eleven expensive purchases, has been able to earn considerably from the sale of 12 players, with a total revenue (up to 75 million euros already paid and to be paid next years).