Mirabelli is planning something interesting

Despite the clubs insistence that the mercato is closed Massimiliano Mirabelli is planning a last minute signing to join the rossoneri.

Agent Giuseppe Riso left casa Milan in these moments after more than 3 hours of talks with AC Milan’s sports director Massimiliano Mirabelli. While leaving he gave a short but significative comment. “Mirabelli is thinking of something interesting in entrance but better ask him” were the agent’s words, in order to confirm that the rossoneri mercato is not yet closed.

Mirabelli’s future move is a result of M’baye Niang’s almost completed transfer to Torino (read here). Despite a recent setback from Gabriel Paletta, he too is expected to move to Lazio while Jose Sosa is awaiting a phone call from Trabzonspor. From the sale of the three above mentioned players Milan may earn around 20 million euros. A small treasure to use in the last hours of the transfer market. Currently the red and blacks are looking to add a new midfielder that can also play as a winger.

Alfredo Pedulla suggests that Jakub Jankto was offered to Milan, the 21 year old midfielder was followed in the past by the rossoneri. He may be the left midfielder that is needed to complete the team and to secure a further important alternative to manager Montella. Furthermore, it would be an important investment for the future. A number of Premier League clubs, including Juve and Inter, are on his traces. Niang’s sale is decisive for a new signing.