Montella re-finds Jack… to liberate Calhanoglu

Now that the summer transfer window has ended Montella needs to find the appropriate the equilibrium between the players available.

Let’s start first by saying that Jack is fine, he will be immediately available for Lazio” announced Massimiliano Mirabelli. And if anyone had expressed doubts about the possible recovery times of the all-round rossonero, Milanello’s medical staff provided a gold assist to the cause. In the international break, far away from the spotlight of daily media attention, Giacomo Bonaventura returns to work with the rest of the group present at Carnago, a dozen pawns available to Vincenzo Montella.

A record-breaking number of 17 players spread through the world that “forces” the manager to start the anti-Lazio studies without many first minute starters at his disposal. The good news is the return of the former Atalanta midfielder, ductile and ready to release the chained fantasy of Hakan Calhanoglu.

In 17th August, in San Siro, in the last minutes of Milan-Shkendija, Jack stops, looks grimacing and disappears quickly into the belly of San Siro. The stadium’s eyes lose sight of him without bothering, convincingly applauding the 6 goals scored to the Macedonians. It’s in the post game that the Jack case happens. For the media microphones, in the mix zone, a particular statement is picked: “If you have to worry about it? A little yes… ” leaving San Siro worried.

A few days of waiting and the answer came: muscular injury, out for 3 weeks. Giacomo missed Crotone, the return match against Shkendija and the home game against Cagliari, watching Milan only as a spectator. Then came the green light: first the personalized training, culminating with the return in group under Montella’s orders. Difficult to speculate a possible first minute start against Lazio after 7 days but a whole week of continuous work could dramatically bring the number 5 fully fit for Lazio with eyes on the future.

Going beyond the capital horizon imposed by Lazio, the red and black devils will be called to face a true tour de force between Serie A and Europa League, with important home and away games. Bonaventura’s presence in the deck will give the manager multiple choices, with the possibility to solve the rebus regarding the talented Calhanoglu. The Turkish midfielder, much acclaimed on his arrival by the Milanese people, is paying a physical condition far from his best and a hybrid position between the undisputed skills of number 10 and the feet of the former Leverkusen.

Bonaventura & Romagnoli
Bonaventura & Romagnoli

He can play as central defender but at this precise time of physical fogging, it is like dressing a beautiful woman with a poor dress. The ballistic capabilities of the Mannheim native could easily be cleansed by putting him near the goal, delegating Bonaventura on the middle, a position already assimilated and present in the football intelligence of Jack. A midfield of physics (Kessie), order (Bigla) and quality (Bonaventura himself), supporting a particular offensive trio, with Suso and Calhanoglu ready to be deployed as trequartista’s to deliver quality. Peel Jack to release Calhanoglu, Montella’s possible move.