Sacchi: “The recipe to beat Juventus”

Former AC Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi gives some advice to Gattuso and the Rossoneri on how to beat Juventus tomorrow evening.

On Sunday evening, the Rossoneri host Serie A leaders Juventus. The Bianconeri are undefeated so far in the league but the Champions League loss against Manchester United has affected a bit the morale of Cristiano Ronaldo & co. It’s perhaps the toughest game of the season for AC Milan and unfortunately half of the regular starting lineup is out due to injury.

From the columns of La Gazzetta dello Sport, legendary former Milan coach, Arrigo Sacchi, gives some practical advice to the Rossoneri on how to beat Juventus: “The team needs organization, great physicality, speed in the distribution of the ball and aggressivity. Pressing becomes fundamental and unfortunately, so far, Milan does not press well.

I think it’s imperative to keep the opponents away from the goal. Juventus, even seventy meters away from the Rossoneri area is dangerous but they can be managed, instead, if they get close to Donnarumma, the trouble starts. Of the Rossoneri I appreciate the will to play, always and in any case. The defect is when the opponents have the ball, it must be recovered in the most offensive area.

Juve is superior in individual level, so Milan will have to try to win through the game, the collective and the ideas. And Higuain, if he will play tomorrow (as expected), he can be decisive to apply this solution. How do you exploit El Pipita? Not with crosses, and Milan still cross too often. He needs low passes, he’s used to play close to his teammates, he communicates willingly with his colleagues“.

Arrigo Sacchi is considered as one of the greatest managers of all-time and his AC Milan side (1987–1991) is widely regarded to be one of the greatest club sides to ever play the game, and by some to be the greatest of all-time. The 72 year old won two back-to-back Champions League titles and a total of 8 trophies during his 4-year tenure at San Siro.

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