Rangnick blocks Milan star sale despite huge offers

AC Milan have decided against selling Theo Hernandez despite the high interest and tempting offers for the French left-back.

Theo Hernandez will not be touched. Among the many doubts at AC Milan, this is one of the few certainties. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that amid a thousand managerial storms, doubts on who will be on the bench and an imminent new revolution, the talented left-back will continue to be a key player even next season.

Theo was one of the few positive surprises in this difficult season. One of the few capable of taking the team by the hand and igniting San Siro on many occasions. The former Real Madrid defender has become a pillar of AC Milan squad.

With 6 goals on 25 appearances, Theo is the best goalscorer of the Rossoneri so far and his great form has not gone unnoticed. As confirmed on numerous occasions by his agent, several European top clubs are interested in the 22-year-old let back.

Former Milan sporting director Leonardo has moved in advance to bring Theo Hernandez at Paris Saint-Germain. The rich French club are willing to pay as much as 50 million euros to buy Theo from Milan when the summer transfer window opens. Nevertheless, AC Milan have decided not to sell Hernandez no matter the offers.

After spending 20 million euros to buy Hernandez from Real Madrid, the Rossoneri are not interested in making capital gains. At least not with their defence ace. In addition, Ralf Rangnick has been so impressed by Theo’s performances that he has asked the club explicitly to block the sale of Theo Hernandez despite the tempting offers.

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