The reasons why UEFA asks Milan for further clarification

While AC Milan are awaiting a definitive answer from UEFA regarding the Voluntary agreement, the  administrative body of European football has required additional info from the rossoneri.

That getting the “Voluntary Agreement” was a difficult mountain to climb was something to be expected but in the last few hours in Via Aldo Rossi concerns increased, especially after revelation by Spanish newspaper Marca, who has hypothesized a maneuver by the top European clubs, lead by Real Madrid, against the rossoneri granting the “Voluntary agreement”.

As reported this morning by Tuttosport, UEFA has asked AC Milan for further clarification regarding the business plan and Marco Fassone, CEO of the club, is already working to present what is required. For now, therefore, no rejection, there is still optimism from the red and blacks to get the “Voluntary agreement” that would be crucial for the club’s future.

David Han Li, Marco Fassone & Massimiliano Mirabelli
David Han Li, Marco Fassone & Massimiliano Mirabelli

But why did UEFA ask for more information from AC Milan? According to the Torino-based newspaper, the problem is the lack of confidence in owner Yonghong Li: in particular, there are still many doubts about his financial strength, although so far the rossoneri’s president has respected all deadlines, has secured the recapitalization of the debt and allowed Milan to spend over 200 million euros in the summer transfer window to strengthen the team. For UEFA, however, this does not seem to be enough and for this reason more information is required to be sure of Yonghong Li’s effective ability to ensure long-term support for the club.

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