Sacchi compares Leao to Ruud Gullit

AC Milan legends Arrigo Sacchi and Ruud Gullit spare no praise for Portuguese left winger Rafael Leao who has been in dazzling form recently.

Rafael Leao is confirming himself as the brightest AC Milan star and most likely of the entire Serie A. For nearly two seasons he has shown that he has made the long-awaited leap in quality. More mature, more continuous, physically stronger. The Portuguese is so close to the champion that any team would love to have.

Speed, dribbling, goals, how much class in Leao! AC Milan are well aware and are working hard to extend his contract currently expiring in 2024. In the meantime, the big names in Europe have noticed him. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain and Chelsea. The biggest clubs have knocked on Milan’s door with the Blues leading the race.

The Rossoneri have the obligation to try in every way to tie their played down to a new contract. It is a rarity nowadays in Serie A to be able to count on a player with such immense potential. Proof of Leao’s importance were the words of two great figures like Arrigo Sacchi and Ruud Gullit.

Present at the Trento Sport Festival, Arrigo Sacchi and Ruud Gullit mainly addressed issues related to AC Milan, both from the past and the present. The question about Rafael Leao was inevitable. And who better but a striker like Ruud Gullit could be called upon to judge the Portuguese winger? The former Rossoneri star was asked if Rafael looks like the Dutchman who put on a show at the turn of the 80s and 90s.

AC Milan need a world class player, someone who gives something extra. Leao is that guy. In the past in Italy each team had two, three or four, today they all go to England“, said Ruud Gullit, underlining how rare and unique it is now to have players of the caliber and characteristics of Leao in the team.

Amazingly, when Arrigo Sacchi was asked about the Portuguese, he compared him to Gullit for certain qualities: “Leao has a speed that is very close to that of Ruud, but in my opinion Gullit was physically stronger. Temperament is a genetic fact, either you have it or you don’t have it. I hope Leao has it. He is very good technically, it depends on him”.

The opinions of the two legends are positive and high of praise for Rafael Leao. The Red and Black supporters hope that the 23-year-old left winger will continue to grow and stay at Milan. If he wants to get stronger he has to stay with us. But obviously things are done in two“, said Paolo Maldini.

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