Van Nistelrooy: “The best defenders I have ever faced”

The legendary Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy is one of the best centre forwards of his generation as well as one of the best strikers to have ever played for Real Madrid and Manchester United. 

During his prolific career, van Nistelrooy scored an amazing 347 goals in 589 games and is widely regarded as one of the best player of 21st century. In a recent interview with he revealed which are the toughest defender he has ever faced.

When asked what was the toughest defence he has ever came up against, Van Nistelrooy replies: “I remember a Champions League game against AC Milan, where the back four was Cafu, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Nesta and Jaap Stam. It was impossible to get through“. A clear statement of the unprecedented strength of the Rossoneri’s back like in the times of coach Ancelotti.

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