5 Things we learned from Milan vs Udinese

AC Milan win and convince against Udinese but there is still room for improvement. Lazio can now be definitely considered a thing of the past.

Three wins and one defeat in Serie A. Milan currently stands at -3 from the first in classification and can look at Spal with some optimism because the construction site is still open and the materials available to the coach are of the highest quality. Biglia’s dictate, the wingers push forward, Kalinic’s weight in the penalty area: the 2-1 against Udinese has projected flashes of the Milan that will be. On other aspects, the work progress will be reviewed better on Wednesday evening.

LUCAS LOGIC – The structural defects of recent seasons had forced the rossoneri fans to get used with the absence of key figures in the team. For example, that of the playmaker in the middle of the field. That is why for every accurate touch (87 positive passages from 108 attempted!) or aerial openings for the wingers (9 successful launches) made by Biglia against Udinese, the fans present in San Nice applause satisfied. “Now finally we have a worthy playmaker” is the common thought among fans, and Lucas is proving them right. In everything that the Argentine does there is a logic and Milan’s rhythm already pass from his feet.

CROSSES RAIN – Abundance on the wings was the weapon to overcome Delneri’s very thick 4-5-1 and is the 3-5-2 Montellian gear that’s working best, at least offensively. Calabria crossed 8 times and created 3 chances, Rodriguez – in his best match in Milan jersey – crossed 7 times in the middle and built one opportunity: Kalinic and Milan are thankful.

SUSO’S POSITION – The first game as second-striker for the Spaniard was not a great one. Started side by side with Kalinic, Suso instinctively widened his range of action to go fight for the ball away from his area and invent from out there. The result: a nervous and less than brilliant performance. Montella assures that he will learn to play as a striker and probably time will prove him right but for the moment the ones suffering are two: Andre Silva, closed in attack by a “rival” more, and Suso himself, who does not punches as he does as a winger.

AWAITING BONUCCI – It is not enough to play with a defense of three to find the Bonucci of Juventus. Leo has changed companions, environment and has a mountain of pressure on his back, he needs time to find rhythm and right automatism: even against Udinese he made some mistakes too. Spal, Sampdoria, Rijeka and then Roma: a match every three days will consume energy, of course, but it will help Bonucci and his teammates know each-other more and will ease the readjustment.

Leonardo Bonucci
Leonardo Bonucci

LAZIO IS THE PAST – The new Milan started the season with six consecutive win between Europa League and Serie A than came Lazio. In the first confrontation with a direct rival the rossoneri stumbled losing 4-1. Manager Montella promised the team would react and in the first outing in Vienna the red and blacks thrashed the local side 1-5 and days later, in San Siro, AC Milan win against Udinese without dominating but never doubting the final result. Now Lazio is indeed a thing of the past.