AC Milan irritated with Suso’s agent, Mirabelli responds provocatively to Inter

If UEFA wasn’t enough now AC Milan must also deal with a Suso situation and his agent’s provocative proposal to Inter.

Reports emerged last night that Inter had set theirs sight on AC Milan’s right winger Jesus Suso. The Nerazzurri’s sports director Piero Ausilio had met with the Spaniard’s agent recently and were preparing an official offer for AC Milan. However the Red and Blacks did appreciate such a move.

According to Premium Sport, Milan are very irritated with Alessandro Lucci. The reason? It was the agent of Bonucci and Suso who offered the Spaniard to Inter.

So much so that Milan this morning responded provocatively through Massimiliano Mirabelli saying: “Okay, let’s do the Suso operation with Inter, but they must give us Brozovic, Perisic and Icardi in exchange”.

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