AC Milan SD Massara responds to Donnarumma

AC Milan sporting director Frederic Massara responds to Gianluigi Donnarumma’s claims and attempt to shift the blame.

In a strange interview released today, Gianluigi Donnarumma tried to shift the blame for his departure to the management. The Italian goalkeeper claim he was not treated well by the club. “Maybe everyone blames me, but without looking at what happened on the other side. The last call from the club was to let me know that they had signed another goalkeeper. That’s how it ended“.

AC Milan sporting director Frederic Massara took advantage of the an interview with Sportmediaset before the start of Milan vs Lazio to respond to Donnarumma. Massara reminded the Italy international that it was him how refused every offer AC Milan had mde for the last two years.

The call to Donnarumma? It was a gesture of courtesy after his refusals to our proposals. We are happy to have Maignan and we wish Gigio a bright career“, said Massara when asked of the matter.

On Coppa Italia:This is a competition we care about, we know that it can be a difficult goal to reach because we have to face Lazio tonight who are a very strong team. Then there is a difficult path ahead with Inter. But we are ready and we are confident that we can do well. We care a lot“.

On Maignan:He is a very strong goalkeeper, we are very happy with the way he has adapted, he managed to integrate in the best possible way and quickly. He immediately became a reference point in the locker room, we are very happy with what he is doing and we are convinced that he still has room to improve“.

On the new signing Mark Lazetic:He is a very young player with a strong potential and we have a lot of confidence in his qualities. However, we must be aware that he is a boy who has to adapt to a new league, so we must not raise our expectations too much for him. He has good skills and we are sure that he will be able to give his contribution but with the right serenity. He is training well but on the other hand he came from a break in his championship, so he has to find the best condition but there will be time and space for him too.

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