Berlusconi attacks Gattuso and Milan

AC Milan former president Silvio Berlusconi returns to talk about the Rossoneri with fresh critics for Gattuso and the way Milan plays.

After today’s 1-1 between Monza and Triestina the owner of the Brianzoli, Silvio Berlusconi, also spoke of his former team: “The derby between Inter and Milan? I am passionate about football, but only of Serie C.

I don’t like Gattuso’s Milan. I do not understand why he plays like that. I would put two strikers with Suso behind Higuain. Now I’m not following Serie A anymore, I’m only interested in Monza”.

Different thoughts on AC Milan’s new owner, Elliot Fund. “This ownership gives guarantees to Milan and knows that it must not make a bad figure. Elliot has invested a lot and will certainly want to resell a bigger figure. Higuain is the goalscorer that Milan have missed for years but I do not understand why he is not supported by a second striker like Suso,

I will watch the Derby on TV with disappointment for the form and the way AC Milan plays. I do not understand why I get it, so did Ancelotti and even Capello but the current technical guide doesn’t”.

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