Boban talks his exit from Milan, Maldini, Pioli and Ibrahimovic

Former AC Milan director Zvonimir Boban discusses his exit from Milan, Maldini, Pioli and the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Exactly five months have passed since AC Milan decided to terminate the contract of Zvonimir Boban. The Croatian, interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, returns to talk about his farewell and admitted that he would do everything he did: “If I would do it all again? Absolutely yes, I couldn’t risk seeing a stranger with my face in the mirror. I am happy that so many decisions discussed and not understood turned out to be of high level. Now everyone sees that our choices, among a thousand complexities, have not been made in vain and that the basis for a real Milan is there“.

MALDINI and PIOLI – While Boban is no longer at Milan, Paolo Maldini, Milan’s technical director, has remained in his place. These are the words of Zvone Boban about the former captain: “If Maldini will have a central role in the next Milan? Certainly he should, for a thousand reasons but above all because of the competence he has shown. We had too little time but c’est la vie” .

The Croatian also agreed on the decision to confirm Pioli on the Rossoneri bench: “Stefano is an excellent person and an excellent coach, we spoke to each other after the signing and I was delighted. Obviously I’m satisfied, he did a work of absolute level. In the end, Pioli was our choice in the moment of great difficulty and it is nice to see so many great progresses from the team and also from him“.

IBRAHIMOVIC CHAPTER – Among those who pushed the most for Ibrahimovic’s arrival in January there was certainly Boban, who explained: “After the summer transfer campaign last year I declared that we needed two experienced players. With Ibrahimovic and Kjaer, plus with the extraordinary explosion of Rebic who is a world runner-up and a player with good experience, Milan have become much more mature and self-confident. As a result, almost all the players have transformed for the better.

Regarding Ibra, I asked in February to renew his contract because we had a gentlemen’s agreement with him. The pact was that, if he wasn’t fit enough, he would quit on his own. Well, I was sure there would be no problems with him, because Zlatan is aware of himself and of his body. But the renewal in that moment could not be done, let’s put it this way “.

IBRA’s FUTURE- Regarding the renewal of the Swedish striker, Boban adds: “Ibrahimovic is a genius, a force of nature and he still makes a difference. It is essential that he remains for at least another year. His importance is evident and has many aspects. With him everything changed in the team, starting with the growth of the young players. Just see Rafael Leao who is an extraordinary talent, but he needed a guide and had the best possible. For all this, we must always thank and respect Zlatan“.

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