Bonucci: “Great enthusiasm in summer but we’re the ones who enter the pitch”

Immediately after the match, captain Leo Bonucci acknowledges the difficult moment the team is going through but insists that the players are the biggest part of the problem.

Another goalless draw against the Greek side in Athens. The rossoneri take a single point displaying an ugly and boring performance. It is useless to hide that AC Milan are going through a difficult moment, a real crisis of results. The defense endures, the midfield fails to create and the centre forwards are not dangerous up front.

Captain Leonardo Bonucci, at Sky Sport’s microphones after the match against AEK Athens, spoke about the rossoneri’s momentum: “This summer so much enthusiasm was created, after all we are the ones to enter the pitch. There is a need to stay concentrated and give our best. I see great quality within this team, we lack that bit of effrontery to make that leap of quality.

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