Bonucci’s motivational speech before the match

AC Milan managed to thrash Shkendija yesterday 6-0. Before the match, captain Bonucci gathered the team and have them a motivational speech. 

Milan TV has published, through its Twitter profile, yesterday’s full speech held by new captain Leonardo Bonucci minutes before the Europa League match against Shkendija. Bonucci demonstrated in his first match that he is the type of player that had been missing in San Siro for a while. 

This were his words: “We have to start this adventure. How? United, all together. Because we have to bring Milan back on top, because Milan is important, because Milan is important because there is Zapata, because there is Kessie, because there is Suso, because there is Marra, because there is Nicola (Caccia), because we are and we have to become more and more a team every day. A concentrated team, a united team, we have to play all united, all matches must be played as a team, we fight as a team and win as a team! Go!