Ceferin (UEFA president): “I am worried about Milan”

While AC Milan wait for an answer from UEFA regarding the Voluntary Agreement, troubling reports have emerged from various media on president Yonghong Li.

As it is well known, the Rossoneri have been in constant contact with UEFA in recent weeks to try to get the “Voluntary Agreement”, an agreement that would allow the club to avoid the heavy sanctions of the Settlement Agreement. On 9 November, Marco Fassone and other Milan executives went to Nyon to present all the necessary documentation. Approximately 150 pages where the club’s business plan was detailed, with strategies to increase revenue and reach a break-even balance within three years. UEFA has requested further documents to get some insights on certain issues, in particular about the Chinese ownership and therefore Yonghong Li.

Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, in an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica was questioned on the owner of AC Milan, which is Yonghong Li’s and the many doubts have been created in recent months: “We are working, I can not say anything. I’m worried, but let’s see what’s going on.

The decision of Nyon’s leaders regarding Fassone’s request for the “Voluntary Agreement” may depend also from the club’s reassurance on the solidity of the Chinese businessman: “In mid-December, the competent body will speak. Settlement agreement? Everything is possible, but it is premature to talk about it.

The president of UEFA was also asked about Andrea Agnelli, who became president of ECA but who was sentenced with one year of inhibition in Italy for the well-known relationship with Juventus ultras: “I can not comment, there is an appeal going on. Personally, I am very confident in him: his work will be useful for football, European and Italian.

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