Donnarumma: “Right to stay at Milan. Juventus and Inter? I wan’t go”


Gianluigi Donnarumma was hosted last night by “Chi ha incastrato Peter Pan” a show broadcasted on Canale5. For the occasion, questions were asked by the children present in the studio.

Since you’re so good at kicking, why are you between the posts? “I’m good playing as goalkeeper (laughs)“.

Surely you have tattoos like all football players, will you show them? “No, I do not have tattoos or earrings.”

Do you play football to not go to school? “No, that is not why. School is very important, my parents cared a lot about us getting the diploma, but summer for me was a bit tired and i still did not think it was the right time to take the exam. I’ll do it later.”

You had the chance to go to Real Madrid, why didn’t you go and you wanted to stay at Milan? “Milan is my home and it i felt right to stay.

Are you afraid when the opponents make strong shots? “No, even though when they are close yes. I’m not afraid, even though with Craiova i got a shot right in my face.

Why do they call you Gigio? “Since I was little they called me that way.

In which school subject you are worst? “I have difficulty in law.”

But how much do you earn? “Six … (embarrassed)“. Donnarumma refers to the 6 million euros per year he earns.

I bet you will go to Juventus next year, will you? “No, I have a four year contract.”

Will you ever become a Nerazzurro? “No…“.