Gazzetta: Here’s how much money Yonghong Li is about to lose on Milan

Yonghong Li’s decision not to repay Elliot fund the 32 million euros of capital increase could prove to cost him hundreds of millions at the end.

After concluding the necessary legal procedures and obtaining the full ownership of the club, Elliott will immediately begin the sale process. The American fund will protect its investment if necessary and is willing to deposit 150 million euros to guarantee the business continuity of the club before greenlighting the sale.

But at what figures? Realistically much less than the 740 million euros that Yonghong Li paid to Fininvest last April. The American fund must obviously recover the loan granted to the Chinese businessman.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, that total sum that Elliot has invested in AC Milan is around 380 million euros (plus 32 million of capital increase last week). For the American fund it would be more than enough to sell Milan at 500 million in order to recover its loan to Yonghong Li and also guarantee a profit.

Whatever the sale price Mr. Li would get only a slice of the profit. The current president would suffer serious losses which could translate at more than half of his original investment. Other sources clam that he could even lose all of his money (around 400 million) invested in AC Milan and at the best case scenario get away with 50 million at most.

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