Lukaku sends clear message to Kessie

Romelu Lukaku is not happy with his current situation at Chelsea despite being one of the highest paid players in the world.

Lukaku’s interview with Sky Sport was shocking to say the least. Six months after his departure the former Inter striker apologized to the Nerazzurri fans after having behaved really badly towards them. He left after promising to stay at Inter for a very long time.

Today he is being terribly disrespectful even to Chelsea who overpaid him and are pouring one million into his account every month. Bad behavior, light years away from what a serious professional should be. Clearly unhappy with his situation at Chelsea, Lukaku publicly declared he hopes to return to Inter soon.

Lukaku’s story is a clear signal for Mr. Franck Kessie and other players who are leaving their respective clubs as free agents to follow the money elsewhere. Today Lukaku regrets leaving Inter, tomorrow it may be Franck Kessie in the same position. Just like his former teammate Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The former Rossoneri goalkeeper a few months ago admitted to being “disturbed” by his new Parisian adventure after watching many matches from the bench. He is not happy at PSG despite earning around 10 million euros per season. That’s the same figure Kessie is asking for his new contract.

And if that isn’t enough, former AC Milan sporting director Ariedo Braida sent a direct message to Kessie. “In the past, to a top player I will not name, I said these words: ‘Remember that you are a champion here and loved by your people. Elsewhere, you will start from scratch.’ It would be the same for Kessie, I hope he stays. If I were him I would stay at Milan“.

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