Maldini blasts Rangnick for the second time

Before the match against Napoli, Rossoneri technical director Paolo Maldini reiterated his criticism on next AC Milan coach Ralf Rangnick.

It ends 2-2 between Napoli and AC Milan at the San Paolo stadium, a result that is basically positive for both teams. Gennaro Gattuso’s side was better and created more chances, but the Rossoneri, although appearing rather tired and fogged, were able to stay in the game snatching a precious and heavy point in the end.

Stefano Pioli was pleased with the end result. The Italian coach smiled leaving the pitch because sharing a point with Napoli on an unfavorable evening is another important sign of growth for the Rossoneri squad. Europa League qualification would be a great parting gift for Pioli.

Despite the final standing of AC Milan, Stefano Pioli will leave to make room for Ralf Rangnick, just like Paolo Maldini. The legendary defender blasted Rangnick as not an ideal profile for AC Milan in January.

A public declaration that the technical director has not regretted, as reaffirmed yesterday before the match with Napoli: “I would repeat that sentence, it was not against a person, but against the model. This team has a great base but only young players are not enough to win“.

Former AC Milan coach Fabio Capello shares the same idea on the German coach. “Rangnick is a coach who has done interesting things in Germany, not important. He comes to Italy to join a team he doesn’t know. It would be another year zero and Milan would still lose a season. Pioli managed to give a group mentality that previously was not seen”.

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