Meeting between Leonardo, Maldini, Suso and his agent at Casa Milan

Technical director Leonardo recently praised Suso as one of the best players of AC Milan ensuring the fans that the new ownership considers him as an important part of the squad.

Unexpectedly, Suso and his agent Alessandro Lucci arrived at Casa Milan to meet with the Rossoneri management and in particular with the two directors Leonardo and Paolo Maldini. The Spanish 24 year old right winger, a fixed point for Rino Gattuso’s team, has been linked with Roma in recent weeks.

Suso’s agent left the Rossoneri headquarters about forty minutes latter than his client. When asked about the purpose of this meeting Alessandro Lucci left without making any declarations refusing to inform whether he was there to discuss a potential transfer or Suso’s renewal.

A few days ago Suso declared that he had received five important offers this summer from other clubs but AC Milan had refused to negotiate. The talented winger himself latter stated that he had never thought about leaving and was aiming to extend his contract with AC Milan. 

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