Han Li in London for important deals

In the last few hours, rumors have emerged about recent contacts between AC Milan and Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s coach, which is indicated by many press reports as the main target of the Rossoneri for next year.

Speculation that the Milanese leadership denied even in the pre-match of Sassuolo – AC Milan last night, but rumors have increased after a trip to London from the Chinese executive director David Han Li. Yesterday, the Asian manager, who has been very close to the team and Montella in recent weeks, headed for the English capital and seems to have been present at the Premier League big-match between Chelsea and Manchester United. It seemed therefore automatic to think of a real and concrete initial contact between the Milan leadership and Mr. Conte, always attracted to the idea of returning in Serie A.

In fact, as explained by the Calcio & Finanza portal, Han Li’s trip had other purposes, regarding not AC Milan’s sports area, occupied primarily by sports director Massimiliano Mirabelli. The Chinese manager flew to London to hunt for new important sponsorship deals and business partnerships, useful in boosting revenue in the future for the rossoneri. This is confirmed even by the presence of Lorenzo Giorgetti, Milan’s chief commercial officer, who accompanied Han Li in this work trip.

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