Sky: AC Milan have already started contacts with Conte

Antonio Conte is the big dream of the rossoneri club for next season. He is considered to be the coach who can bring out the best from a team full of potential that so far has failed to express it on the pitch.

It is not a mystery that Marco Fassone is thinking a lot of the current Chelsea coach. According to the latest Milan news from Sky Sport, 15 days ago the rossoneri took the first steps through the work of some intermediaries who tested the ground. First exploratory contacts were made to see if a deal between the parties was possible or not.

Antonio Conte in London is having a tough time lately and according to some rumors, he would even risk his job if he loses against Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United this afternoon. Sky Sport explains that Milan could make an attempt to sign him immediately if he was released from his contract and at the same time Vincenzo Montella suffered the same fate without defeating Sassuolo at Mapei Stadium in the evening.

Cross-fates for the two coaches. Although it seems complicated to us that Conte can take over in the current season, in a few days passing from Chelsea to AC Milan. He has also has a contract with the Blues until 2019. This hypothesis does not seem too probable at the moment unless the Italian gets sacked by the English club.

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