Milan-Lazio: Coppa Italia semi-final date announced

The Italian football federation has announced the dates for the upcoming semi-finals of Coppa Italia with AC Milan challenging Lazio for a spot in the final.

If the referee would have been more lucid yesterday the Rossoneri would have won against Roma. Despite everything, AC Milan still hold the fourth place, just four points behind Inter.

The other good news is that AC Milan, after the victory against Napoli, will play the Coppa Italia semi-final against Lazio. The Biancocelesti defeated Inter and now challenge the Rossoneri for a spot in the final.

Through an official statement on its website, the Italian football federation has announced a change a dates for the semi-final. The first leg will be played at Olimpico stadium on February 26th at 21:00 while the return leg will take place at San Siro on 24 March.

The Rossoneri will have to play three Serie A games before the first semi-final. This Sunday, AC Milan host Cagliari at San Siro, later Gattuso’s team travels to Bergamo for the encounter with Atalanta and ends this short month against Empoli at home 24.

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