Pact of the “old guard” to save Montella

AC Milan win against Sassuolo and for now coach Montella’s position can be considered safe. Like last season it was the old guard to save the day.

In the most difficult moment, the team came close to Vincenzo Montella. In particular, according to Tuttosport‘s current edition, it was the old guard to take over the situation and save the Milanese technician who, in the event of a defeat against Sassuolo would seriously risk being sacked. Of course, continuity is required, but winning at the Mapei stadium was vital.

It is no coincidence, according to the Torino based newspaper, that AC Milan’s goal were scored by Alessio Romagnoli and Suso, two players who have led the rossoneri even last season, always with Montella on the bench. In addition to their two goals, at the Mapei Stadium, also other players of the old guard performed: Gigio Donnarumma, for example, made a great save on Mazzitelli, while Montolivo, in the middle of the pitch, repeated the good performance of Athens. Confident performances also from Zapata and Abate, who entered the field in the first half to substitute the unfortunate Calabria.

Susso, Sassuolo vs AC Milan
Susso, Sassuolo vs AC Milan

Despite the big summer market in which more than 200 million euros were invested to bring eleven players at San Siro, the AC Milan that wanted to get out of the crisis has once again entrusted the old guard, who responded and also dragged the new arrivals. The feeling is that in order to return and be a competitive team coach Montella must try to compose a balanced mix between the old and the new.

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