Montella: 100 million players do not come…

After the home defeat against Juventus, Vincenzo Montella comments on the mercato and on certain choices the club was forced to make this summer.

The question why Milan didn’t sign a 100 million euros player has been a topic of discussion recently. In the post-match press conference, asked about the matter, Montella answered:

I prefer this team because they are strong and they will grow. Players worth 100 million euros want to play Champions League and they want to play Champions League to win it. Top players want to play with top teams that can win the Champions, they do not come at teams that want to qualify for Champions. It’s very simple.

Montella & Mirabelli
Montella & Mirabelli

I am happy about the mercato, i have repeatedly said so. We have players who are destined to grow, they are assets for the club because they will not depreciate over time, on the contrary. This current situation is not helping them because they could lose their calm. They are young and aren’t used to playing with such an important jersey like the one of AC Milan but all this are things than can be controlled and expected so this situation is not helping us. We must enter the field with more strength and conviction to compete at this level.

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