Montella explains why Suso and Bonaventura aren’t playing

Difficult choices for Vincenzo Montella, given the abundance in some roles and also the new formation of Milan. For now those who are paying are Suso, Bonaventura and Abate

Vincenzo Montella remains in charge of Milan even after the second consecutive defeat against Roma, but it is clear that even with all the possible confidence from the board the derby against Inter must not be an appointment to fail. In addition to a still struggling maneuver and defensive problems, the rossoneri technician also has to deal with a wealthy group of alternatives but also tough choices to make.

The change of formation has actually reshuffled the hierarchies and the one who seems to have paid most of all is Suso, who remained in the bench for the second time in the row, to make room for the three centre forwards Kalinic, Andre Silva and Cutrone. The Spaniard also gets penalized for the unexpected defeat against Sampdoria where he was on the field from the first minute, but he is not alone in this situation.

In fact, Bonaventura was also on the bench both against Rijeka and against Roma even though his substitute Canhaloglu whas just a shadow of himself. Talking about flops is obviously premature, but the transition from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2 seems to have not made the two happy, to use a euphemism.

Andrea Poli & Suso, ac milan
Andrea Poli & Suso

To a precise question in the post-match, Montella argues as follows: “Suso and Bonaventura out? They are two resources, they have demonstrated their value, they are part of the team and they will give us a hand.” And yet another indirect response goes to hit the two players: “The 4-3-3 abandoned? Last year we finished 23 points away from the third place, we now have another team, other players, we have to do something different. For such a formation you need wingers who score 12/25 goals each, Insigne scores 15 goals and Callejon scores 12/15 a season … ” A clear message for the duo, if they want a stable first minute spot then they need to enhance their firepower.