New San Siro stadium details emerge

The new San Siro stadium is taking shape with AC Milan and Inter nearing the finalization of the project.

Inter and AC Milan have decided to build a new stadium in the San Siro area, demolishing the Giuseppe Meazza. After careful evaluation, this was considered the best choice for the future.

The two clubs need to increase their revenue in order to reduce the gap with Juventus and other European big names. Having a modern facility that fans can enjoy all week long is essential. The master plan has already been presented to the Municipality of Milano, which now awaits the final design of the project. The design of the stadium must “reflect the sophisticated architectural taste of the city”.

Inter and Milan still have to decide which architectural firm will design the new stadium and other spaces in the San Siro area.The choice to build the new San Siro stadium is between two firms: Populous (have build Emirates, Estsdio da Luz, and the new Wembley stadium) and Manica-CMR. The winning project should be presented on September 23rd.

Corriere della Sera explains that the clubs have made several requirements for the new stadium. Inter and Milan have established a maximum budget of 605 million euros for the new San Siro. Furthermore, the two clubs must pay a fee of €45 million for the demolition of the current stadium bringing the total cost to 650 million.

The stadium should have a capacity of around 60,000 seats and will not have full coverage (like Wembley), otherwise it would go over budget. There will be flexibility regarding the premium seats, the most expensive ones for VIPs and in general for wealthy people: they will have to be converted into non-premium seats based on the type of event.

There will be a breakdown of seats based on the type of match. In the event of a derby the corporate seats rise to 12,500, those for the Rossoneri or the Nerazzurri cousins to 6,000. In case of an important match (against the top six in the standings) they go down to 10,300, while the fans of the opposing team will have 3,000 seats at their disposal. For the other matches, premium seats drop to 8,000 with 1,000 for opposing fans.

The coexistence of Inter and Milan in the same structure requires innovative solutions. In the internal megastores it will be necessary to find a solution to guarantee a quick conversion given the frequency of the matches. The same applies to the stadium colors. The transition between the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri will have to be immediate.

As for the dressing rooms of the opposing teams, the idea is to implement them in such a way that they inspire fear and tension to the opponent. Within the new facility there will be a museum dedicated to Giuseppe Meazza, the La Scala of the Football that for decades has hosted Inter and AC Milan. Another problem to solve will be the problem of the noise that “afflicts” neighboring houses and the number of parking lots. At least 1,500 are needed.

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