Raiola shock: “Donnarumma could remain at AC Milan for life”

After many rumors regarding the future of Gigio Donnarumma his agent, Mino Raiola, has revealed that the Italy international will remain at AC Milan, perhaps for life.

During an event in Napoli, Mino Raiola, agent of Gianluigi Donnarumma has revealed the future of the young Rossoneri goalkeeper. Gigio has no intention of leaving AC Milan this summer and wants to stay at San Siro forever claims his agent.

Do you want some news? Well, Donnarumma will remain at AC Milan. It is most likely that the Chinese (owners) leave rather than Donnarumma. We must always respect the fans, especially the intelligent ones, and therefore he’ll stay for forever at Milan. Irony? I do not know this word, he will remain at Milan as the fans want“.

Even though the parties have been in a heated discussion this years it seems as if Donnarumma has never considered the possibility of abandoning AC Milan, despite the numerous attempts of his agent. Raiola has surrendered to the will of his client and is expected to stop any ongoing negotiations with Liverpool or PSG.

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