The reasons why Donnarumma rejected Milan tries to explain what were the reasons behind Gianluigi Donnarumma’s unexpected refusal of a new contract with Milan.

Now it’s official, Gianluigi Donnarumma has decided to leave AC Milan refusing to sign a new contract. The rossoneri offered the 18 year old goalkeeper 5 million euros (net) per season making him the highest earner at Milan. Fassone and Mirabelli did everything possible to convince the young shot-stopper to commit his future at Milan but without success. His agent, Mino Raiola, communicated to the red and black that Donnarumma’s decision was definitive.

The club has to decide if they will sell Donnarumma immediately or risk losing him after one year for free. His current contract expires in 2018. President Yonghong Li declared Milan will keep him and unless a big offer comes Donnarumma will stay. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports PSG and Real Madrid are currently in advanced negotiations with the club and his agent. Milan management is considering the options and may request a player in exchange plus money for his services with Mirabelli even suggesting a possible exchange with Cristiano Ronaldo (read here). Mystery surrounds his future. attempts to explain the motives behind Donnarumma’s surprise decision.

The release clause pretended by Mino Raiola is considered to have started the fracture between the parties. The infamous agent was not impressed by Milan’s technical and economical project. In Montecarlo, Raiola had requested to insert in the new contract a release clause of 40-50 million euros as a guarantee to give Donnarumma the possibility to leave the club if Milan failed to qualify for next season Champions League.

Mino Raiola
Mino Raiola (©Getty Images)

AC Milan stared with a strong no but decided to soften their initial positioning. In Thursday’s meeting Fassone transmitted Raiola their willingness to accept a release clause of at least 100 millions. It was a late move, Donnarumma and his agent had already made a decision. Another breaking point was considered Mirabelli’s tentative on Tuesday to contact the player himself and his family. A move, that according to his agent, put pressure on Donnarumma and led to a total clash between parties. No matter what the real reasons of rejection were no player is above the club.