Sports Judge make decision on Cutrone’s suspension

Patrick Cutrone became the center of attention with his goal in Milan-Lazio. The young Rossoneri striker was risking two weeks of suspension for his gesture.

The 20 year old centre forward of AC Milan was under investigation regarding the episode of the 15th minute in Milan vs Lazio finished 2-1. The young Rossoneri striker opened the scoresheet but apparently his presumed header became a topic of hot debate after the match. When Cutrone scored the first goal of the game the ball touched his hand in the last second.

Fortunately the Sports Judge has considered his goal regular and his gesture completely involuntary after examining the television images of the ‘incident’. “The gesture is not characterized by certain voluntariness, considering the speed of the action and the movement of the ball, and above all the existence of an evident attempt to hit the ball with the head”. Patrick Cutrone risked two rounds of suspension but he will be fully available starting from tomorrow.

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