Tassotti and the coaches of Milan. Who is the best?

Former rossoneri player and assistant coach Mauro Tassotti gives his thoughts on several figures with whom he has worked at Milan.

It’s hard to find someone else so attached to Milan as Mauro Tassotti. He spent his almost entire career playing for the rossoneri between 1980-1997 and immediately after retiring he remained connected to his old club, in several positions: he worked as a youth coach, as an assistant manager, as a caretaker manager, and subsequently as a talent scout, until he left the club in 2016 to join Shevchenko’s Ukrainian national side as an assistant coach.

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In a long interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Mauro Tassotti, a former Milan player and coach, released the following statements about the coaches with whom he worked in rossonero: “I do not think I’m the perfect vice-coach, I’m just one who chose to do the things he liked and stay long where he had his roots. Anyway, let’s see. Ancelotti: Good, competent, one who knew how to be good with everyone. I have read that at Bayern he was sacked by his players, something that I find incredible to believe. Leonardo: passionate, an enthusiast of life who feeds on strong passions. I think he chose to go to Turkey because he wanted to return working on the pitch.

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Allegri: Capable, quick in reading the game. I found myself very good with him. With Seedorf for me it was not a simple moment, it’s not a mystery. But I want to say that I never opened war to him. I have always appreciated him as a player, as a coach he needs him time. Last on the list, Pippo Inzaghi: passionate, he knows everything about football, now he is coaching in a smaller league. Not everyone would do it. Return at AC Milan? Milan is something special for anyone who has worked there, not just for those who have dressed the red and black jersey as a player but for all those who also participate behind the scenes. I think whoever has been there would always go back, then we have to see in what role.