There is still one chance for Mr. Li to save Milan

Apparently there is still one chance for Yonghong Li to remain owner of AC Milan and avoid a takeover from Elliot reports Libero.

Tobia De Stefano, a journalist of Libero, talked about a possible move by Yonghong Li, on his Twitter profile, in order to prevent the passage of AC Milan into the hands of American fund Elliot Management.

There is still one chance for Yonghong Li to remain president of AC Milan. He has time until Monday morning to repay Elliot the entire debt of 412 million euros before the pledge can executed”, reports De Stefano.

Although it’s a possibility it’s almost impossible for the Chinese businessman to find this figure in just two days especially since he failed to repay 32 million last Friday. So practically we can say for sure that the story between Yonghong Li and AC Milan is over for good. It’s now up to Elliot to find a new owner for the Rossoneri.

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