Berlusconi comments on money laundry accusations in Milan sale

Guest of Domenica Cinque, former president Silvio Berlusconi talked about the latest events related to the sale of AC Milan and not only.

Every time there is an election campaign and that my victory is expected, they invent something. Now they invented a huge one that was denied by the Milano prosecutor’s office. The fact that we took advantage of the sale of Milan to bring capital to Italy from abroad, is absolutely not true. A person who does something like that would be a person without intelligence.

I totally deny it, also because on the sale of Milan have been spent hours and hours of television and pages of newspapers. Fininvest has availed of high-level banks, international consultants and we have always informed the prosecutor of everything that was happening. We have sold to a protagonist of the Chinese industry who, for now, has respected all his commitments with us. He made the payment of the first part and he punctually paid the second part. Not only. He promised that he would make a € 250 million purchase campaign and spent 240.”

On the news: “This time they made a hole in the water. Having a little common sense to understand that nobody would take advantage of the sale of Milan to do certain things would be just enough. There was little intelligence from those who wanted to write these things”.

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