Boban talks Ancelotti return at Milan

AC Milan chief football officer Zvonimir Boban talks important issues concerning the club, including Ancelotti’s return, Ibrahimovic and Donnarumma’s renewal.

After his last night interview on the celebration of AC Milan’s 120 years of history, the Rossoneri Chief Football Officer, Zvonimir Boban, was a guest this morning at Radio Anch’io Sport on Rai Radio Uno. First of all, the former attacking midfielder commented on yesterday’s goalless draw at the San Siro: “What a pity. We expected a victory but football is like that. We made an interesting match, AC Milan played well, but to win in Italy you have to do very well. All the games are like this“.

AC Milan are evolving but the glorious times are still light years away: “For years the fans have been wondering when we will see the great Milan again – continues Boban – but unfortunately still a long time is required. Obviously we will try to anticipate things but it is difficult to set a timetable. Just to make the idea, Berlusconi’s Milan happened only once in 120 years. But it is also right to dream and have these ambitions, we must always think big, but it must also be done one step at a time”.

Good work from Stefano Pioli in the meantime: “Maldini said something right and true, namely that there is full harmony between the coach, the club and the players. Pioli arrived at a very difficult time but in a short time he understood so many things and we are satisfied with his work “.

Yet there are rumors of a possible return of Carlo Ancelotti on AC Milan’s bench for next summer: “Milan is his home, but to associate Ancelotti’s name with Milan at the moment I find it inappropriate“.

Pioli’s work has enhanced many players so far, except one: Ante Rebic. Boban explains the situation: “They are technical choices. Rebic is very fast but Italian football is different from German. Against Napoli he was doing well, then he got injured. But he is training seriously and is doing everything to convince the coach. Italian football is difficult, many play with 3-5-2 and therefore he suffers if he has little space“.

At the end there is the inevitable question on the transfer market regarding Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “We will see how the next matches will go and we will evaluate. Ibra is a different solution compared to the others, he is unique and can give a lot. But we’ll see what happens, because Ibrahimovic is another thing compared to all the other options even though he is no longer 28 years old. He is a player of extreme character and personality, he can give the whole environment a steering“. Clear ideas also on Gianluigi Donnarumma: “We hope to find an agreement on his contract renewal, this is our intention“.

When asked how AC Milan built a great team, Boban explains: “Berlusconi had a great project, but he found himself at home with phenomenal players. He was also good and had great collaborators like Galliani and Braida. It was a different football era. Now it takes time and money to get back up. That Milan had no great competitors and there were no restrictions from the Financial Fair Play. Obviously with this I don’t mean to diminish Berlusconi’s work, absolutely

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