Bonucci, Kessie and the 19: moments of high tension

Leonardo Bonucci, the summer’s most expensive signing, has yet to demonstrate his best while Tuttosport reports that his adventure in San Siro started in the worst possible way.

According to Tuttosport, Leo Bonucci made a bad impression upon his first entrance in AC Milan‘s locker room. The defender claimed the number 19 shirt, causing Frank Kessie’s anger. The Torino-based newspaper reports that the young Ivorian midfielder had signed on the contract to have that number, but Bonucci did not want to reason.

They tell – writes Tuttosport – of very high tension moments between the two and it was up to sports director Massimiliano Mirabelli to tell the young midfielder that the number 19 shirt would go to the former Juventus. And then there was the captain issue. The armband belonged to Montolivo, who felt hurt from this decision, as well as Ignazio Abate, who would have appreciated it as a sign of gratitude after the many years spent in rossonero.