Capello advises Leao not to take Donnarumma’s path

Former AC Milan coach Fabio Capello advises Rafael Leao not to follow in Donnarumma’s footsteps and show gratitude to the club. 

In the second half of the season Milan will, once again, have heavy absences. Among these there is also Mike Maignan. How important will be his absence? “Maignan is a serious loss for Milan. He gives security to the whole defence, he is a leader. It will be a heavy absence. It is an ugly injty. I too had it as a player. You seem to have recovered and then it reoccurs. Let’s hope he’s ready for the Champions League”

Did you like Theo Hernandez and Giroud’s World Cup performances? “Giroud is fit, he’ll be pissed about the substitution (against Argentina). Theo is fine, they’ll be there. Giroud had a great World Cup, Theo a good World Cup, but he was with the handbrake on because he couldn’t go and touch the space occupied by Mbappe. He was very attentive at the World Cup and at this level has helped him a lot. He passed a good exam.”

Leao renewal: what advice would you give to Milan and what advice would you give to the player?If he has become what he has become, he owes it to Milan, and he owes the club some gratitude, which Donnarumma did not show. If there is no more gratitude, nothing can be said. The player has shown that he is important. He too at the The World Cup played with the handbrake on a bit but as he freed himself he showed off all his qualities, which he has yet to fully express“.

On De Ketelaere: what does the player need to unlock definitively?De Ketelaere is lost. He would like to do a lot, but he does it at a slow pace. When one is lost, he is unable to express himself as he would like“.

How can the coach help a player under such pressure?When you see that he does something well, you help him to do even better. You have to encourage him and say: ‘This is the starting point, you can give much more.’ On a psychological level it is important, not technical or tactical. In my opinion, if you’re not in good place psychologically you can’t express yourself because you’re scared, afraid and you’re with the handbrake on“.

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