Di Marzio: Rafael Leao’s market value has increased a lot

AC Milan striker Rafael Leao is playing an important role this season and his market value has doubled reports Di Marzio.

Rafael Leao joined AC Milan in the summer of 2019 among the general skepticism of many fans who hadn’t heard his name before. After a difficult first season, the Portuguese striker striker is playing a key role this season.

The 21-year-old has grown a lot in the last period. In this period of many absences, Milan has relied on him to lead the attack. In the meantime, however, his performances has not gone unnoticed. And the Rossoneri will certainly have to pay attention to possible attempts from top clubs.

But how much is Leao worth today? According to mercato expert Gianluca Di Marzio, the market value of Rafael Leao exceeds 40 million euros. Two years ago AC Milan spent 23 millions plus Tiago Djalo to sign the Lille gem.

Di Marzio rightly pointed out, with today’s prices and given the young age of the player, it is not possible to imagine a cost of 50 million euros for his services. Thus the Portuguese striker has become one of the most valuable players of the Rossoneri.

Milan focuses a lot on Leao, for the present and above all for the future. Currently he has a fundamental role: in the absence of Ibrahimovic, Leao and Calhanoglu, tomorrow against Turin the team will be on his shoulders. And he will have to prove that he has had a good growth path. Of course, he is still very young and with very wide room for improvement, but someone with his talent must already be at a good level, from all points of view.

This season Leao has scored 5 goals and assisted 4 in 17 appearances but coach Stefano Pioli is convinced he can do much better. The partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played an important role in his growth.

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