Gattuso’s method: drones, rhythm and intensity

If you, observing a classic training session of AC Milan, imagine a still immature and experimental Gennaro Gattuso you have no idea with who you are dealing with.

The Milan coach already has clear ideas and a method of his own to make the team work better in the weekly sessions. As described today by La Gazzetta dello Sport, one of the innovations is the use of a drone, which during the training matches follows the work of AC Milan from above and brings it back to the computer. An important help for the video sessions that Gattuso often requires his group to improve during the collaboration and preparation phase.

Obviously the key words on the pitch are the usual: rhythm and intensity, in training for about 70 minutes in which the screams of Gattuso are always at the center of the session. The coach, assisted by athletic trainers Tenderini and Dominici and his historic assistant Riccio, spurs his players to give their best, encourages those who play less and organizes 10 vs 10 games with four small goals to improve possession and finalization.

Clear ideas and optimal feeling with the team for the former Rossoneri midfielder, who particularly takes care of the attitude and aggressiveness. The relationship with Franck Kessie described by La Gazzetta is emblematic: the Ivorian delays a movement in pressing and Rino rebukes him in his own way: “Eat him, Franck!”

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