Gustavo Gomez agent attacks: “Everyone is laughing at Milan”

Augusto Paraja, agent of Gustavo Gomez, had a tense confrontation with Massimiliano Mirabelli. There was also talk of flying chairs and broken glass in the offices of Casa Milan. The representative of the South American defender is very angry about the player’s situation.

Paraja in the interview for Tuttosport frontally attacked the Rossoneri club: “Of what they say that happened in the office, I prefer not to speak. But I guarantee you that Milan is going through a moment of great confusion. And I hope that as soon as possible Milan will be represented again by people up to par. If you take a third or fourth category player and put him in Serie A, you should not be surprised if he makes a bad impression. If you do not have the intellectual and professional level to run a great club and they give it to you anyway, the results are not going to be good. Today, in the world of football all the players, all the managers, all the coaches laugh at the situation that has been created at Milan. We have been treated very badly, for no reason at all“.

The agent of Gomez, after the criticism probably directed to Mirabelli, then goes into more detail in talking about what happened with the Boca Juniors: “The Boca executives arrived from Buenos Aires, brought a jersey as a gift and in return they did not even get a coffee. This was the beginning, imagine how the meeting ended. When we met together in the elevator, those from Boca could not believe what had happened. They offered 5 and then 6 million for Gustavo Gomez: nothing happened. Even though it was also a bargain for the budget of club. Even in the Argentine C league they do not behave this way. The same thing happened 6 months ago when I came with the Fenerbahce executives and even then I had a concrete offer. Everything is improvised, Milan did not even agree to negotiate”.

Paraja then talked about the future of Gomez, uncertain what could happen in the remaining days of the transfer market: “I do not know what will happen now: I do not think I have other possibilities. But maybe another agent arrives, proposing a new offer, maybe an intermediary closer to them, and perhaps they may even sell him. But not with me. He never plays, he has no chance of being used, but this is Milan today. And everyone knows it: even if you take a taxi, if you ask the taxi driver what Milan is, he answers exactly that. Because everyone now knows what happens to Milan in these days”.

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