LIVE: CAS ruling – AC Milan will play in Europa League this season

OFFICIAL – CAS accepts AC Milan’s decision against their Europa League ban. The Rossoneri will play in Europe this season and are set to sign a new Settlement Agreement. 

TODAY – A small victory of the Rossoneri delegation, reports today La Repubblica, and it could also be one of the key points to obtain the cancellation of the European Cups ban. During the long debate in Lausanne yesterday, CAS accepted AC Milan’s request for the presentation of evidence that testify to the so-called unequal judgment from UEFA, which according to the Rossoneri club has used two standards to judge the situation of AC Milan and of other clubs monitored by the Financial Fair Play but then not condemned in exemplary punishment such as Europa League exclusion.

Unlike the Adjudicatory Chamber of Nyon, yesterday in Lausanne the judges have examined such evidence and information, asking among others to UEFA to show the files relating in particular to three clubs with financial situations similar to that Milan: city rivals of Inter, French champions PSG and the Englishmen of Manchester City, a club that was granted accession to the Settlement Agreement while it was denied to the Rossoneri two months ago. Evidence on the negative balance sheets of the aforementioned international clubs could therefore give considerable hope to Milan that is focused on this key point and on the proximity of Elliott Management to subvert the ruling of Nyon.

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Yesterday Events

19.13 – At the end of the long day at CAS, Marco Fassone was interviewed by Sky Sports:Today it was a very intense day, we are here since 9.30 am this morning and there was ample time to listen to all of us in detail. Business, financial and legal aspects were explored and now the panel has all the elements to judge at its best We have put together all the possibilities that we had on a legal level, with experts and the presence of Tuil gave further support to the theses we had already explained to UEFA in the past, the physical presence of Tuil (Elliot representative) is certainly significant, we expect the ruling to arrive tomorrow morning“.

19.12 – The AC Milan delegation, after more than 10 hours of work, has left the CAS Tribunal of Lausanne as evidenced by the images of Sky Sports.

17.30 – Important updates arrive from the CAS of Lausanne. According to reports by the editorial staff of, the sentence should be expected by tomorrow morning and not today. This push back was caused by the lengthy talks and the numerous interventions of the day with Fassone, Tuil, Montanari, the lawyers and the various members present.

17.05 – At the moment two Antitrust members, experts in international law, brought by Milan, are testifying. The only witness on behalf of UEFA, according to reports from Sky Sports, has already left.

15.35 – Peppe Di Stefano, reporting from Nyon for Sky Sports, offered some new details on the hearing currently underway at CAS, concerning the legal defense of the Rossoneri: “Franck Tuil and Valentina Montanari spoke for 30 minutes, while the deposition of Marco Fassone lasted 1 hour and a half, and in the second part of the afternoon there will be the UEFA test, with the end of the working day around 6.30 pm“.

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14.20 – Carlo Pellegatti reports for Sportmediaset that in the last hours the chances have increased that CAS may take more time to confirm the sentence (with the club out of European cups) or cancel UEFA’s decision against Milan. Tuil (representing Elliott) and Marco Fassone (CEO) are presenting the Rossoneri’s case at the moment insisting that the club received a severe punishment on its first ever violation. The main topics of discussion were equality of treatment (different from previous cases) and the club’s debt now in the control of the majority shareholder and not towards third parties. In the afternoon it will be the lawyers moment, but the sentence could slip for tomorrow and not around 20:00 today as previously mentioned. A decision that could affect the technical future of AC Milan, with Suso, Donnarumma and Bonucci who, in case of Milan’s readmission in Europa League, may no longer be tempted to leave the club.

13.10 – In the Rossoneri delegation present in Lausanne there is not only the manager Franck Tuil to represent Elliott. La Repubblica reports that, in fact, the lawyer of the American fund, Lynam, will also intervene in the name of Elliot.

12.20 – According to reports by, after the hearing before CAS that should end around 18:00, the sentence of the court of Lausanne will arrive in the next 24 hours, between tonight and tomorrow. The Rossoneri delegation, regardless of when the verdict comes out, will return to Milano this evening.

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10.45 – The arbitration panel of Lausanne will be chaired by Ulrich Haas. German born in Switzerland, a professor at the University of Zurich, Haas has in the past participated in various historical judgements, including the one in 2015 that rejected the appeal of Valentino Rossi on the penalty suffered in Malaysia after the incident with Marc Marquez.

10.30 – Today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport has calculated how much AC Milan would lose on an economic level in the event of exclusion from the next Europa League. Starting from a minimum of 10 million euros, calculated on the lowest market pool and in case the Rossoneri lose all of their games , to a maximum of just under 50 million in case of winning the cup. Valuable money for AC Milan.

09.47 – The hearing session has just started. Both parties are defending their respective positions but field experts consider AC Milan’s mission almost desperate. Today’s edition of Il Giornale explains that there are two hypotheses for the club of Via Aldo Rossi: 1) re-admission to Europa League with the constraint of returning to UEFA to re-negotiate a new Settlement Agreement; 2) confirmation of the exclusion from the tournament with the possibility of resubmitting a new Voluntary Agreement request (read here in detail).

09.00 It’s the moment of the truth for AC Milan. Today the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will consider AC Milan’s appeal against UEFA’s decision to exclude the Rossoneri from Europa League for one season. The verdict of CAS is final and has the power to overturns UEFA’s ruling. The Red and Blacks are hopeful of a positive outcome with Fassone smiling at reporters.

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