Medical update on Romagnoli and Conti

AC Milan team Doctor Stefano Melegati gives us an update on our defenders physical condition.

On Wednesday at Milanello, while the Rossoneri resumed training to prepare for the big clash against Napoli on Sunday at San Siro (kick-off at 3.00 PM), Team Doctor Stefano Melegati offered us a medical update on our injured players. Currently, we have two Red and Blacks side-lined: Alessio Romagnoli (muscle injury) and Andrea Conti (knee injury).

“In the first minutes of Sunday’s match Alessio felt a muscular pain and stopped immediately. The pain then proved to be a mild muscle injury what me consider a 3A type injury the equivalent to a first-degree injury. So only a few fibers (have been affected). Fortunately, it’s a mild injury, but it’s still a muscle injury. Therefore, we will deal with this injury very cautiously also because we have important commitments in the near future. We will make further tests in 10 to 12 days. which will allow us to determine his recovery times.

“Andre Conti is doing really well from both the medical point of view and his mood. It has been a week since he went surgery. He is recovering well, without a hitch. Naturally, it’s too soon to talk about recovery times. He is facing the various steps required for his rehabilitation but I would say everything is going well”.

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