Andrea Pirlo designs the ultimate footballer

In an interesting video, former AC Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo, build his ultimate footballer with parts from himself, past teammates, and legends of the game.

He is having fun at the end of his career playing for New York City FC, playmaker Andrea Pirlo, former central midfielder of AC Milan and Juventus, who has chosen to emigrate in the United States since 2015 to end his long and successful football adventure.

New York City FC asked the historic number 21 to be part of a very funny and ironic video with the intention of drawing the “ideal footballer”, or rather a mix of other international players and their best qualities to build the perfect talent. Pirlo played cool as always and enjoyed the test, pointing out the names of many of his former companions at the time of AC Milan.

The words of the former rossoneri midfielder on how his ideal footballer would be: “For the brain I say Xavi at the time of Barcelona. Game Vision? Of course Andrea Pirlo, because he is the best in the world. Then Gattuso’s heart, Stam’s strength, the right foot again of Pirlo while Messi’s left foot who is the best at the moment. Finally Hernan Crespo’s head“. Four Milan players quoted by Pirlo (including himself), while not a single Juventus players inside the ideal footballer, despite the good season with many titles won from 2011 to 2015 with the black and white jersey.

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