Gattuso: “We have lost our identity. I’m not thinking about my as*”

Another consecutive defeat has worsened the position of coach Gennaro Gattuso and now AC Milan seem incapable of reacting.

After the collapse in the derby, AC Milan lose again and put into question qualification for the next stage of Europa League. At the press conference after the match, Gennaro Gattuso showed all his disappointment with the result.

The 40 year old former midfielder does not hide when asked about his increasingly shaky bench: “Do you really believe that I’m thinking about my position and my ass? Rather, if I get a chance, I want to solve this problem. I am the first responsible and as I said yesterday my future is linked to the results. It was not a worthy performance, whatever happens it will not be a problem”.

The negative moment, however, is not a consequence of the game system and the coach is keen to underline it: “We looked like a carousel, attacking with three and four players and then trying to play with Castillejo behind the striker. It is not a question of formation but of a team that has lost its identity. In the last two games I haven’t seen the midfielders contribute up front.

We are repeatedly failing at what we have always done well. This performance puzzles me, from my part and the staff there is great disappointment. I think we haven’t been understood enough, otherwise I can’t explain a situation like these. I am very worried, disappointed and angry. Above all with myself .

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