Milan-Inter: The fight between Kessie and Biglia (explained)

AC Milan midfielders Kessie and Lucas Biglia were negative protagonists of the derby causing a fight on the bench after Franck’s substitution with Conti.

During the second half of the derby Milan-Inter a clamorous fight on the Rossoneri bench happened between Franck Kessie and Lucas Biglia. Sky Sport showed the dispute between the two midfielder, with the Ivorian particularly angry with his colleague.

After the derby Sky Sports reconstructed the incident explaining what happened. In practice Kessie did not take well Gennaro Gattuso’s decision to substitute him with Andrea Conti in order to increase the offensive weight. When he arrived on the bench Biglia told Franck that he should show more respect for his teammate, the coach’s choice, as well as the whole team. Words that triggered the nervous reaction of the former Atalanta.

La Gazzetta dello Sport latter added that the tension was already skyrocketing because Kessie was victim of boos and racist chants from Inter fans without the referee intervening. Also, seconds before the substitution, Inter had just scored the third goal.

During the incident between Kessie and Bilgia, Ignazio Abate, Ricardo Rodriguez and Pepe Reina tried to calm the 22 year old Ivorian who was approaching Biglia menacingly. On the other hand, Diego Laxalt, team manager Andrea Romeo and Mattia Caldara, invited the former Lazio not to aggravate the situation.

In the press conference after the match coach Gattuso could not hide the disappointment for what happened on and off the pitch. “After 2-0 another team would quit. Inter is very strong, has quality and plays good football, combines quality and physical strength. I’m happy with the performance but we could have done better. We are alive, on 3-2 we had several goal opportunities. We must look ahead now. The thing that hurts most is the substitution of Kessie.

For me that’s the real defeat… In these years we have struggled also because of this attitude, it is a bad scene to see. The responsibility is mine, their discipline is my responsibility and I strongly believe in these things, on the group, on respect, on the value of the jersey. Tonight is a double defeat: on and off the pitch”. After the match Kessie and Biglia apologized to the fans and the club for what happened. The club is expected to fine both players for what happened while coach Gattuso will take additional disciplinary measures.

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