Milan raise the voice reviling all the numbers

With a video released on Twitter, named “The facts first (ours and real ones)”, AC Milan want to clarify all the doubters regarding the clubs financial health.

For a long time now, Milan has been a target of hatred and bad press. Initially under scrutiny was the club’s acquisition by Yonghong Li, then the transfer market and the financial strength of the rossoneri.

With a video of a minute and 6 seconds long, AC Milan wanted to put an end to all the insinuations that have surrounded the rossoneri environment recently regarding the transfer market expenses. Here are the official data provided by the red and black club:

11- Players regularly signed by the club this summer

3 – Players who have signed contract renewals

80 – The millions of euros in guarantees that Milan has deposited in Lega in the last month

0 – The euros of Milan’s debt exposure towards the banking system

0 – The euros of advances (payments) on new loans from closing onwards

130 – The millions that Milan has asked for funding from the Elliott Fund (to be repaid by October 2018)

236 – Millions, last year’s budget

263 – Millions of revenues planned for this season

84 – Millions of capital increases after the closing

#Maximum – The commitment of players, staff and AC Milan people

#Infinite – The love of our fans around the world