Milan-UEFA meeting finished: what will happened now?

The meeting that featured CEO Marco Fassone and the representatives of the UEFA’s financial body regarding the rossoneri business plan has just ended.

Ansa reports that the meeting lasted almost three hours, and the commission, led by former Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme, reserved to take a decision that could arrive in a few days, certainly before Christmas. AC Milan are moderately optimistic about granting the Voluntary Agreement which would allow sanctions to be avoided.

Marco Fassone explained in detail the rossoneri’s financial plan for the next four years. For the year 2021 a budget balance must be reached. An in-depth 150-words dossier was revealed point-by-point to the seven UEFA commissioners, then asked to assess whether to give their ok for AC Milan or not. As mentioned above, there is confidence. The club is convinced of having a valid, concrete and achievable project.

All that is left is to wait now. There are three possible scenarios:

  1. Voluntary agreement granted, no sanctions.
  2. Voluntary Agreement not granted, then the Settlement Agreement takes place. In this case, economic sanctions are foreseen (a figure that can amount up to 20 million), but also limitations regarding the UEFA players list, decrease of the wage budget and more.
  3. Sospensione di ogni sanzione, con rinvio della decisione definitiva per valutare ulteriormente meglio la situazione del Milan e poi esprimere un giudizio finale nel 2018 Suspension of every possible sanction by postponing the final decision far a later time to further evaluate AC Milan’s situation and then to deliver a final judgment in 2018.

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